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"A vote is like a rifle: It's usefulness depends upon the character of the . Ammo question about Aguila .22 LR Sniper Subsonic 60-gr ammo .

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Aguila - SSS (Sniper SubSonic), .22 rimfire ...Summer 01 276 . Aircraft, struck by bullet, class characteristics of bullet on metal at exit hole ...Spring 99 163 .

Aguila 22 LR 30 gr Super Maximum HP 1750/fps 50/box - Natchez ...

This is a cartridge with ballistic characteristics not so far from those of the .22 Magnum. Due to this it is . Aguila 22 Lr 60 Gr Sniper Sub Sonic 50/box .22 SSS .

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Aguila SSS (SubSonic Sniper) 22LR Ammo . One characteristic of .22 SSS is pleasing me: Bullet velocity is TRULY subsonic. . of Sound Tech by his experiences with wildlife managemant to improve terminal ballistics of the subsonic bullet.

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22 LR Ammo - 22 Ammunition from EABCO · Aguila 22 Ammo and Ammunition at EABCO . points naturally, has mild recoil characteristics, and is easy to carry and shoot well. . Hawke Varminter SF Rifle Scopes - Half Mildot Ballistic Reticle Scopes with Side . RWS SubSonic Hollow Point 22 LR Ammo in Boxes or Bricks .

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Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 60 .

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Ballistics By the Inch (Velocities of All Handgun Ammo) . Aguila Interceptor Review · 22 . .22lr Subsonic Sniper Ammo (24" penetration is not born out by the .

CCI Stinger .22 LR 32 gr Hollowpoint in SIM-TEST* Ballistic Test ...

Feb 27, 2011 . Simple penetration and expansion test of the CCI Stinger .22 LR, 32 grain . 22LR Aguila 60gr Sniper Subsonic impacting ballistic gelatin .

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Oct 7, 2009 . The first CB caps came in the .22 short cartridge size. . I tried the Aguila Colibri's which are powderless also and found they could . It is about a famous sniper duel from Stalingrad that actually happened, and the 91/30 Mosin sniper rifle is the star. . Of course it has the same ballistic characteristics, too.