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Aguila 22 Ammo and Ammunition at EABCO . naturally, has mild recoil characteristics, and is easy to carry and shoot well. . Ballistics Software - Calculates ballistics like trajectory, wind drift, velocity, energy, momentum, drop, time of flight, etc. . Aguila SSS Super Sniper 60gr Subsonic 22 Ammo in Boxes or Bricks .

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With a 100 yard zero the CCI Velocitor .22lr still has a drop of about 100" @ 300 yards. If you look closely in the video you can seen the huge arch of this little .

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Reloading, Step by Step from Sniper Country . The new facility features a museum, reloading training facilities, conference . Aguila ammunition -- TECNOS manufactures and markets sport shotgun shells, .22 rimfire and centerfire ammunition. Centurion Ordnance, Inc. is the exclusive importer of Aguila ammunition in the .


Aguila - SSS (Sniper SubSonic), .22 rimfire ...Summer 01 276 . Aircraft, struck by bullet, class characteristics of bullet on metal at exit hole ...Spring 99 163 .

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. for reliable cycling. Eley Primed! Ballistics Information: •Muzzle Velocity: 1470 fps •Muzzle Energy: 192 ft. lbs. . 22LR 40gr Aguila Subsonic SP Brick (500 rds) 1B222269BR . 60-gr solid Sniper SubSonic 22LR. Eley primed. . WOLF's new GOLD line features brass case and boxer primed ammunition. All projectiles are .

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Oct 28, 2006 . Posters define better ballistics as flatter trajectory or more usually "more knockdown", . Aguila 60 gr. . Sniper SubSonic .22 Long Rifle ammo. • View topic - Anyone try CCI "Quiet-22" 22LR?

Would be curious how this would sound in a suppressed .22, if it is . Better down range ballistics than the Aquila Colibri (primer powered, . At 1050 and 98 about ¾'s FPS and < ½ F#'s of the CCI .22LR Subsonic, should be pretty quite. . Great for sniping pesky rabbits and squirrels out back(if it is legal of .

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Aquila .22 SSS - Sniper SubSonic rounds. . Moving up the .22 rimfire ammo line, the Lapua Scoremax features a 48-grain, subsonic bullet with great . fourteen inch barrel, and may have more problems with trajectory than most other rounds.

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Strange as it may seem, Aguila's SniperSubSonic ammo with it's 60 grain bullet and . I test the expansion and killing properties of 22RFs by firing them into ice.

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Aguila SSS Sniper Subsonic Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 60 .

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Aguila 22 Lr 20 Gr Super Colibri 500/fps 50/box . Cci .22 Lr 40 Gr Sub Sonic Hp Rimfire Ammunition 100/box . Aguila 22 Lr 60 Gr Sniper Sub Sonic 50/box .