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Within the first part, Mats Eskhult (“The Importance of Loanwords for Dating . the significance of loanwords from Egyptian, Akkadian, Aramaic and Persian for .

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texts, and the secondary sources, consisting of Akkadian loan words in. Sumerian and of . A. U. Pope, A Survey of Persian Art from Prehistoric. Times to the .

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doubt the Greek words in Daniel are irrelevant for dating, the Persian words in Daniel are mostly old Persian loan-words (some with Akkadian backgrounds), .


along the following lines: general number of lexemes (minus certain derivatives and compounds) and separation of loanwords (Sumerian, Akkadian, Old Iranian, .

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“An Inheritance Division Among Judeans in Babylonia from the Early Persian Period. . Forthcoming, “Aramaic Loanwords in Akkadian – A Reassessment of the .

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The linguistic sweep of his publications encompasses Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Hebrew, Phoenician, Nabataean, Palmyrene, Iranian loan-words, the .

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. period, Qumran and Mishnaic Hebrew, the Hebrew language of Ben Sira and Bar Kochba, and also Egyptian, Akkadian, Persian and Greek loanwords.

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A fair number of Akkadian loan words survive in the Mesopotamian Neo . and bilinguals, in particular Old Persian-Akkadian bilinguals, were of great help.

Turnhout, Brepols, 1997.

Another possibility would be to derive the Persian word from Akkadian maqqu,. " libation bowl", attested also as a loanword in Elamite, from which language it .

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foreign loan-words in Biblical Aramaic. These are attributable to Hebrew, Akkadian, Persian and Greek sources. Hebraisms in Biblical Aramaic require no .

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this name, meaning “the rising of the sun, sunrise” in Akkadian, appears in lines . not relevant here, although it is noteworthy that Old Persian loan-words were .