Multisociety sedation curriculum for gastrointestinal endoscopy [.pdf]

Emergency exception/waiver. E. Withdrawal of consent . TABLE 6. Aldrete score. Respiration. 2. Able to take deep breath and cough. 1. Dyspnea/shallow .

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Perioperative Nursing Ppt Presentation

Nov 25, 2008. to the operating room table Intra-Operative Phase: begins with the client is received in . Modified Aldrete Score PERIOPERATIVE NURSING: . 5th-7th day post-op with the exception of wire retention sutures placed deep . - Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Conscious ...

All patients in the TIVA group found the colonoscopy painless (NRS score 0). In the Sedation group, the average pain intensity score was 0.4 (0.8). There was a .

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May 27, 2010 . Intraop- erative management data are presented in Table 2. The . landmarks ( with the exception of Aldrete scores on PACU admission) did .

NAVMED 6710/14

Aldrete Score: Procedure: Agents Utilized: Temperature: . Comments ( exceptions noted on reverse side of this record): Discharge @: HRS. VIA: TO: Comments: .

Moderate Sedation/Analgesia

Aug 1, 2011. (Pacific Time) the course was electronically submitted for credit, with no exceptions. . Table 3 summarizes the various oxygen delivery devices used in the . Many documentation forms use the Modified Aldrete Score for .

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Table 2Relation of Cardiac Arrest, Aldrete Score, and Its Neurological Component to . Typically, with the exception of renal failure, these models included only .

A multicentre, randomised, open-label, controlled trial evaluating ...

Aldrete score of at least 9 were 3.48 (2.02 to 7.56), 3.25 (1.21 to 6.45) and 3.32 min . Table 1 Doses (mean W SD) of anaesthetic and analgesic drugs. Sevoflurane– . equivalence between treatments, with the exceptions of a blunting of the .

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charge criteria, as measured by the Aldrete score (Table 1). Figure 1. Placement of a . between the 2 groups, with the exception of patient weight (Table 3).